photo friday: storm/boy

cloud riverghost patrol boy

This has been something of a trying week... and I don't think a couple of nights of really bad sleep helped any...
  • Getting hot air out of my apartment and cool air in seems to be my major summer preoccupation
  • When you plan on going to the movies, it's always a good idea to ensure that it's actually open, otherwise you feel like an idiot
  • Crowdfunding is kind of like it being Christmas all the time since you never quite know when you'll get home and find a parcel waiting for you
  • Thanks to a Christmas lunch that I didn't go to (and neither did pretty much anyone from our wider team) I got to go home early... woohoo
  • I discovered tonight that my hot water was out again... hopefully it will be working again in the morning, but I'm still going to have to call the agent again on Monday
  • After a comment from Ghost Patrol on my Instragram version of one of his pieces from Topham Mall (the one at the top of this post), I'm semi-seriously considering getting it as a tattoo... I'll need a photo of the whole piece first though and to decide on a where
  • The week before I'm due to make all manner of Christmas goodies is really not the week you want to get on my bad side... and yet a couple of people at work have been working my last nerve in the last couple of days
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