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Since we're all heading off to the pub very shortly for a session of PreXmas Work Drinks, I figured I should probably make a start on this post early, just in case I'm a little the worse for wear later on.

Not that I think that that's overly likely, even if I do overindulge, I usually end up walking home whenever we have drinkies (not that I'm not doing that all the time anyway), and that always sobers me up.

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Do you know that feeling when something goes completely wrong and you know there's nothing you can do about it? Then there's that feeling when you've had something go wrong and you think that it's completely fixed and a large amount of time has passed since it went wrong... but then suddenly it goes wrong again. It's that first feeling, with an extra-large helping of feeling like the ground has disappeared out from beneath your feet.

I had that on Thursday morning when I went to get in the shower only to discover that the hot water wasn't working.

And it's not even like I have an temperamental water heater any more. They replaced it with one of those ones that doesn't have a pilot light and is just supposed to WORK, first time, every time.

So I wasn't a happy bunny. I was also a very, very cold bunny by the time I'd finished having a cold shower (since I didn't have the time or really the energy to fiddle around with alternatives).

I called the Land Agent (don't even get me started on their general lack of customer service again... that's a whole four page rant all on its own) and got him to organise the plumber. And there were a couple of other little things (a drippy tap and an issue with my shower head that's been there for a long time) that I needed a plumber to look at, so I figured I'd sort that out at the same time.

When I got home those two extra issues weren't fixed, but when I tested the water it was hot again. Weirdness!

Then about an hour later the plumber called me. Turns out he hadn't been out at all, but the water heater just magically started working.

But since I don't really care about being in the house when he comes to fix things, I organised for him to turn up this morning. I have no idea whether he showed up or not, and if so, whether he's fixed anything... but I guess I'll see when I get home.

And as an addendum to that, I got home around 9pm to find that presumably the plumber had left the bathroom light on all day long... but I have a brand new shower head. I'm not entirely sure that the tap is fixed in the bathroom sink though, I'll have to investigate that further.

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The 2013 Adelaide Fringe Program dropped at lunchtime today... So I spend an hour or so earlier going through everything and marking things as potential candidates for things to see. At the moment that stands at 31 shows, although I don't think the final list is going to end up with 20 shows on it like I saw last year.

There just seem to be a bunch of gaps... there's not a whole lot of good theatre, there's hardly anything Shakespeare related in the program (or maybe there's just nothing Shakespeare related that I actually want to go to... but there's certainly no full plays) and I'm not seeing the quality of shows that I've experienced in the past.

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I had a strange email (but in a good way... just strange as in unusual and completely out of left field) on Wednesday from an advertising agency (in Adelaide) wanting to know if they could use my profile picture for a campaign they're putting together...

Because, clearly, a little Lego dude holding a camera is just what you need for your brochure. Well, actually that was exactly what they needed, and they just happened to fall across my profile image.

But I got in touch with them and sent them a couple of the alternative versions of the profile picture that I shot at the same time... so my Little Traveller is about to be famous. Which is actually all kinds of awesome!

Once I know properly what the campaign is all about, I'll probably do a post about it...

Weird stuff (but again, good weird) that happens when you have a blog though!

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Oh, and the boys from Burger Theory now have an app.

Okay, so for the most part it's a tiny bit useless... all it does it let you know where they are, how long it is until they're open and provides a compass that points you to them. All of which I could probably work out using other means... but I still downloaded it.

Drinks was... good...

The problem with having a largish group of people at the pub is that everybody splits into their own individual groups and you don't always get a chance to chat with people.

Granted sometimes you're really not bothered about chatting with some of the people (and I did manage to avoid a few of the people that I wasn't really bothered about chatting with)... but sometimes you kind of are.

I ended up sticking around until around 8:30 or so... which was kind of later than I was intending, but then I didn't really have to get home for any reason. And I walked home, which pretty much sobered me up (although now I'm really tired... lol).

It's also interesting watching people who've been drinking (even when you're also drinking yourself)... I think that some people become very much more themselves... actually maybe everybody does that, it's just that some of them completely cover up who they are normally.

I do think I'm perhaps still a little bit too drunk to be thinking about that too deeply.

What did intrigue me was one woman who I've never really had very much to do with showing her colours as a completely different person than I perhaps assumed that she would be... but on the flip side, it's good that she wants to get to know other people in the wider team, but you can't force that shit.

I'm not really in the right mindset to describe it properly, but she really came over as overly eager... which was even weirder given the fact that she had had the perfect opportunity to get to know people earlier in the night, but chose to remove herself from the group to smoke outside and get to know random pub bogans instead.

Okay, enough talking bollocks... going to bed now...

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