ma's presents 2012

It seems that like many other things that start out with a practical purpose it seems that the giant square Matryoshka bag has become something of a tradition for me to put all of Ma's Christmas presents in.

Although I can see the big shiny red box possibly returning next year since it's both giant and so very, very, very shiny. And it was only a couple of dollars at Target.

Once again I've individually wrapped all of Ma's things in tissue paper and tied them all up with ribbon (well, except for the stuff in the box, it was a little too big to tie up.

Wrapping was actually somewhat easier than usual (perhaps because I wasn't doing it at 10pm for a change)... partly helped by the fact that all the tissue paper that I bought is half the size of regular sheets of tissue paper... which actually turned out to be incredibly helpful... I may need to go and buy some more of that stuff after Christmas.

Interestingly, although most of the stuff is definitely on theme, quite a bit of it was stuff that I more or less bought on a whim.

Surprisingly there isn't really any jewellery this time around... just a couple of beads for her bracelet (she picked them both, I just paid for them), but that's it...
  • 2013 Au Bord Du La Mer calendar and iPhone wallpapers
  • Snowmen
    • Snowman glasses card
    • Momiji Snowflake figurine
    • Lovelinks Snowman and Tiger charms
    • Light-up snowman snowglobe
    • Plush snowman keyring
    • Hallmark Keepsake Frosty Fun Decade snowman ornament
    • Snowman platter
  • Stained glass seahorse bookmark
  • Green plush seahorse
  • Blue Nose plush seahorse
  • Dancers Among Us book
  • Melt Essentials iPhone case base
  • Pink bus pass holder
  • Lunartik vinyl toys
  • Doctor Who Character Building blind bag toys 
  • Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Nougat
  • Caitlin Millard customised Munny - "George"
  • J2ske - "J2krylon"
  • Cameron Brideoake prints - "Prayer for Distant Friends" and "Guardian of Laughter"
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