You have no idea how glad I am that May is over! Seriously, this month has been a total disaster and I can only hope that June brings better things!

Days 5-20 detail my two weeks of solitary confinement due to my back problems... in fact Days 6-12 were all taken on Day 12 when I was finally able to move around a little...

There were much fewer photos that were planned out in advance this month, although there were still a few (Days 4, 22, 24 and 29)... I think pretty much everything about this month became much more ad hoc than normal.

The most popular image of the month turned out to be Day 18, the zombie related cross stitch I did two years ago.

  • Day 1: Peace (mornings are always peaceful... it's the one time I'm guaranteed peace)
  • Day 2: Skyline
  • Day 3: Something I wore today (my favourite scarf)
  • Day 4: Fun! (May the Fourth Be With You on Star Wars Day)
  • Day 5: Bird
  • Day 6: Me (the note the doctor gave me... indicating that I was essentially fucked)
  • Day 7: Someone that inspires me (my favourite artists inspire me)
  • Day 8: A smell I adore (I love the smell of old books and old bookstores)
  • Day 9: Something I do everyday
  • Day 10: A favourite word ("fuck" was a useful word during my confinement to bed)
  • Day 11: Kitchen (Ma made me soup!)
  • Day 12: Something that makes me happy (Lego minifigs... the whole seventh series)
  • Day 13: Mum (She's a superhero)
  • Day 14: Grass
  • Day 15: Love
  • Day 16: What I'm reading
  • Day 17: Snack
  • Day 18: Something I made
  • Day 19: A favourite place (Perryman's Bakery in North Adelaide)
  • Day 20: Something I can't live without (very literally, sunshine and oxygen)
  • Day 21: Where I stand (on my legs but with a walking stick)
  • Day 22: Pink (two pairs of pink undies)
  • Day 23: Technology
  • Day 24: Something new (Peter Drew makes new things out of old things)
  • Day 25: Unusual (Vampire Bunny fits the bill)
  • Day 26: 12 o'clock (time to take my pills)
  • Day 27: Something sweet
  • Day 28: The weather today
  • Day 29: A number (RIP Topham Wall Street Art Gallery)
  • Day 30: My personality (I'm complex, but snarky)
  • Day 31: Something beautiful (he wore that coat very well)
Have I mentioned how glad I am that we're moving on to the June list...

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