lego hulk smash

I put the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hulk I bought yesterday together this morning...

And he's been sitting on my laptop table for the rest of the day holding a Sharpie and keeping me company... and wobbling every so slightly every time I bump the table.

lego hulk boxlego hulk instructions and pieces
The box and it's contents... this is the first of the Lego Hero Factory style models I've put together, and I like it...

lego hulk just the legslego hulk part way there
Hulk's legs... and him being armless. All the pieces are fairly big and they snap together really securely... no worries that he'd fall apart if he fell onto the floor... one of the arm or leg plates might fly off but that's about it.

lego hulk's backlego hulk finished... he just needs finessing
The Hulk's back is left pretty much wide open, and there's a whole second section attached to the back to hold his arms.  I didn't realise when I was first taking photos that those grey pieces on his shoulders are supposed to be folded down to make up his trapezius muscles.

final lego hulk
So that's why this last photo was taken about ten hours later once I'd had a chance to fiddle around with him and get him hunkered down into a more Hulk-like stance... plus folded his shoulder plates down.

His head actually looks better from the side, but his body kinda looks better front on... dilemmas, dilemmas. 

Hulk smash indeed.

Now I just want a big Lego Thor for him to hang out with...

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