photo friday: geometrical colours

bowden geometryairborne geometry
It's been an odd week... I've felt incredibly demotivated for most of it...

Tuesday was a day where everybody seemed to either want a piece of me or just ask me something really dumb or ask questions someone else had already been given an answer to.

And that's never fun.

Then today was kind of about change... not change itself, but the discussion of change to come. And weirdly, although there's always been discussion about finding me a place in the change to come, looking at the full plan for the change... I actually have no idea where the hell I fit. Or even if I do actually fit. Although the difference between what you present as the plan to be approved by the higher-ups and what that actually looks like on the ground are often totally different.

But we'll have to wait and see.

Let's just say I'm glad the week is over...

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