I don't know how else to describe Circa other than to say that it's simple perfection.

It's circus/acrobatics with all the sparkles and fripperies stripped off until it's just bare, beautiful performance.

The only other word to describe it is simple.

Simple and perfect.

The staging is simple... some lights, some matts and nothing else.  The costumes are simple. And all that simplicity just makes what the performers are doing stand out even more.

While the music can't really be described as simple, each piece of music (or the choice to not use music at all) is perfect for that section.

One thing I was kind of surprised about was how funny it was in parts.  I expected it to be beautiful, I expected it to be powerful but there were some genuinely laugh out loud moments.

It was also moving. I found myself getting a little misty-eyed on a couple of occasions, partially because it was just so beautiful.

One performer in particular moved me, Jarred Dewey.  He was also one of the most beautiful performers I have ever seen. I essentially had the same reaction to seeing him perform that I had to Billy Bell on the American version of So You Think You Can Dance... the control of his body, the way he moves, just everything about him in his element on stage moved me.

And the sequence with him and Todd Kilby that was half played as comedy and half as an amazing technical performance wowed me... but essentially I had trouble taking my eyes off him every time he stepped out on stage.

He's definitely a name I will be looking out for from now on.

Not that the rest of the cast weren't outstanding.  There wasn't a single moment that wasn't breathtaking or funny or beautiful.

Two of the other stand-out moments both featured Alice Muntz... the first was her performance on the swing/trapeze, where her control and the slowness of a lot of her movements were just amazing... and the second was the sequence where she walks all over (and I do mean all over) Nathan Boyle in a pair of sparkly red high heels... she never once touches the floor from the beginning of the sequence until the end, instead walking, dragging and folding Boyle into whatever shape she needed so that she could scramble over him like a mountain goat.  If mountain goats wore heels.

If there was any downside to the performance it was possibly that there were times when there were so many performers on stage that it was hard to catch everything that was going on.  And I really did want to see every last second of it.

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