the i hate may edition of saturday shopping

I officially HATE May now.

The month of May can choke to death on the decaying corpse of something large, smelly and horrible.

Granted today hasn't been the worst day this month... but it's been a little bit shit...

Firstly, partially because I haven't driven my car since I hurt my back, and also because Ma doesn't want me carrying heavy bags of shopping while my back is still not right, the fact that Ma was having her hair done this morning meant that I had to wait around for her to come down before going shopping...

That wasn't terrible... I was still pretty tired this morning, so it was nice not to have to rush around.  Originally I had intended to head to the supermarket in North Adelaide and get a paper, some breakfast and an Iced Coffee, but since I was a little achey and just couldn't be bothered this morning, I decided against it.

And there's a reason we go shopping at 8am (or thereabouts) on a Saturday morning, and not at 10:30am... shopping at 8am is much nicer and much easier.

But it wasn't a total disaster, so that was okay...

Then we did the usual thing of coming back here, unpacking and then heading off to do whatever the next piece of our plan is.  Today that involved heading down to Big W at Arndale to have a look at their Bonds hoodies that were on special.

I didn't take my walking stick with me... I hadn't taken it to the supermarket since I was going to be pushing the trolley and there wasn't any point... but to be honest, I'm kind of sick of the stupid stick and can't help wondering if it's making my leg sore in different ways.  But that's another story.

However, if I had had it with me, what happened next might not have happened...

And we weren't even at the supermarket... I was walking out of my apartment building, heading to Ma's car... and I don't even know what happened... one minute I was walking, the next minute I was flat on my face.

Okay, not literally... I broke my fall with my hands, and I jarred my elbow and hit one knee and kind of landed on my hip a little because of the direction I was travelling... but I fell over.


Granted it wasn't as bad as when I fell last year before our trip to Sydney, but it was one of those things that I really, really, really didn't need right at this moment in time.  Plus I ripped a hole in my very favourite pair of jeans... and I think I scared the shit out of Ma.

Honestly, I was more annoyed than anything else.  I am so very, incredibly glad that the month of May ends on Friday next week.  June better be a fucking improvement!

But since I hadn't really damaged myself, we still headed down to Arndale, I bought a hoodie that turned out not to be as cheap as the striped ones (but it will work as an "everyday" hoodie to replace the one I lost in Sydney, although it's not as nice)... obviously nobody buys the striped ones.

It also seems that they're about to do some $35 million dollars worth of renovations/extensions at Arndale, which is probably long overdue... but it will basically make Arndale look like every other shopping centre, all shiny white floors and black/chrome doodads.

After we'd had a little wander around and I stopped off at the chemist to get some of that Voltaren gel stuff for not only my back but also possibly my elbows, knee and hip, we called it quits, detoured back via Perryman's Bakery again and came back here.

And there turned out to be some completely insane Katherine Hepburn movie on, which turned out not to really be worth watching, but it was a little bit like a car crash and was hard to look away from... eventually though I sent Ma home and half watched the rest of it in between looking at porn on Tumblr.

So, yeah... that's my life... more or less.

Is it June yet?

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