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Guess what! I've been out of bed ALL DAY!

I got up at about 7:30, had some breakfast and a shower and then sat in my little red chair... and managed to sit up all day long!

Which doesn't sound like very much, but given that this is the first time I've been able to do that in almost two weeks.  Sure it wasn't completely pain free, but it's an achievement none the less.

It also bodes well both for going to see Circa with Ma tomorrow as well as the fact that I'm going back to work on Monday.

I'm going to chalk the last two weeks up to being careful what you wish for... I'd really been wanting some time off from work... but this totally wasn't the way I wanted it.  I really need to be more careful what I ask the Universe to provide... there's always a sting in the tail when you're not specific.

Oh, and since the Universe does indeed have a sense of humour, it turns out that the frame that I went to Ikea to get the Sunday before last that started all this rubbish has a flaw or a mark or some sort of damage to the clear plastic front. It's both sad and hilarious all at the same time.

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