walking stick saturday

candy coloured canes
I have a stick... cane... mobility aid... whatever you want to call it... I have one.

Not a pretty one like the ones in the photo though (I don't like the "crook" headed ones anyway)... it's kind of coppery or brassy metallic brown.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yay, actually walking around outside doing shopping and suchlike... it's a novelty, sure, but yay.

Everything pretty much went like usual... I made use of the little shopping cart we usually use to aid me walking around the supermarket, although it was perhaps a fraction too low to really be of assistance.

And Ma wouldn't let me carry any of the bags full of shopping, so we made use of a regular size trolley. It was like trying to drive a yacht or something... I haven't used a regular size trolley in years and it just felt comically oversized!

Once we made it back here we headed off to see the nice people at Homecare Equipment Services to return my crutches (which have been a godsend) and to investigate the aforementioned walking stick.

On the up side it's fully adjustable, on the down side for it to be adjustable it has to be metal, which is never as nice as wood.

And I decided to buy it outright, instead of renting one... there have been other times when I could have done with having a stick in the house, and it wasn't particularly expensive.

So now I have my own proper walking stick.

Since I was now aided in my mobility we decided to have a little wander around town... partly because I need the practice walking around, but also I've been essentially confined to the house for two weeks (with a couple of minor exceptions) and the lure of being outside/in places that aren't my apartment were just too great.

I did pretty well though.  It's the most walking I've done at any stage in the last two weeks, and I tried not to rely on the stick too much, although I did find it more necessary/useful as the day progressed.

We didn't really shop for very much or buy that much... Ma did find the seahorse charm for her bracelet, but given that her birthday is less than three weeks away I wouldn't let her buy it for herself.  And given that Toyworld had the full range of Lego Marvel Super Heroes in stock, I got myself The Hulk, since there's just something about it that I really love. Of course if at any point they made a Hawkeye one, I'm so getting that too!  Or possibly a Thor.

That was about it really though... so we stopped off to pick up some lunch and then came back to my place to eat it.

And that possibly would have been it, except we had tickets to see Circa... it's actually what I've been the most stressed about ever since I injured my back... especially since I know that the chairs in Her Majesty's Theatre are not only fairly tiny, but not the most comfortable theatre chairs ever.

But overall the chairs weren't too bad, somewhat uncomfortable but not agonisingly so... fortunately the show only ran for 75 minutes... I think if it had been two hours I might have been struggling.

And that, as they say, was that.

My first weekend properly back as a person in the world. With a stick.

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