storage and swedish shopping saturday

1946 retro red kitchen
I finally got around to doing something that I've been meaning to do for months... and it worked out pretty good...

But first... the usual minutia...

And it was pretty usual... the only real exception being that after the usual supermarketry we headed off to see the Honey Man.

It's been a good long while since we've been... there was a period of time when he stopped selling honey, and then we got out of the habit... but I put the giant stack of plastic honey pots I've managed to accumulate in the meantime on the very end of my kitchen counter last night to remind me to take one to the Honey Man.

I'm not sure it's necessarily that much cheaper going to him... but the range of honey is much wider than you would normally get, and it's local honey, which is good.

We also wandered around Target after we left the supermarket, and Ma tried on a few coats and somehow managed to lose one of her earrings in the process. At least she assumes that where she lost it... but she's done this before, only to find it on her bedroom floor the following day or something... but while I was unpacking my groceries she went back to Target to see if she could find it. Alas, no luck.

By the time she got back I was about ready to do that thing I'd been meaning to do for months... tidy out/organise my pantry cupboards. Because the excitement never stops in The House of Yani.

But I had a bunch of stuff that I no longer really use/eat most of which had gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past it's expiry date. The official winner of the used by date game was an unopened tube of curry powder with a used by date of 2006... and if that normally lasts 2 years... that's 2004, so eight years old... however I also had some of the banana teabags that BlueDragon sent me, so that would have to be at least 1996-97...

So I threw away a ton of stuff, and reorganised the rest... put all the little half bags of pasta into one big bag of surprise pasta, that kind of thing... and then moved around where I put everything in the cupboard so that it made more sense... there's no point in putting things I use all the time on the bottom shelf, they need to be on the upper shelf so they're easier to get to.

And pretty much by the time I was finished I essentially had the whole bottom left shelf empty. Woohoo me! But then I moved some stuff that had been hanging around on the kitchen bench forever in the cupboard, so that took up most of that shelf. And with a little jiggery pokery I managed to get the blender in one of the other cupboards... not that I really ever use the blender, but it's better that it's out of sight now.

Of course that means that my sink is currently FULL of dirty storage containers that I need to wash and put away. But that's a small price to pay.

I did my usual trick though... Once I had everything out of the cupboards and had sorted it all out and had everything ready to put back in the cupboard, I lost interest. At least briefly anyway... that's always the way though. I'm happy to pull everything out and organise it/sort through it, it's just the putting back part I don't like.

By the time I was done though, it was somewhere between noon and 1pm, and I really didn't want/need/feel like doing anything else... so I left it up to Ma whether she wanted to do anything or just call it a day...

She decided that she wanted to go and look at frames for the two prints she bought at Espionage Gallery the week before last (and that I picked up at lunchtime yesterday for her)... and the main place that makes sense these days for decent, yet reasonably inexpensive picture frames is Ikea.

So off to the Land of the Long Swedish Cloud we went...

And we finally remembered to take the box of bulbs and batteries that Ma has been carrying around in her boot forever into Ikea and pop them in their recycle slots.

I'm fairly certain there must either be something in the air or something subliminal pumped through the PA system in Ikea because I always end up buying something, whether I intended to or not.

Of course that could just be the fact that I have no fucking willpower.

But I did want one of their red picture frames for the Burger Theory print I got from the Espionage print show... but sadly I bought one I thought would fit, rather than knowing for certain.

It didn't fit.

So I'll have to go back there tomorrow and swap it for a larger one. Dammit. And I nearly bought the large one, but thought that was silly.

But I also bought some little tiny tilted storage jars. No real idea what the hell I'm going to put in them... but they were so tiny and cute and I was a little flushed with the success of tidying the kitchen earlier I think.

I'll find a use for them somewhere though, I'm sure. Even if I just end up using one of them as a tiny salt cellar.

And of course because Ikea is a master at the art of time suckage, I think it was between 3 and 4 by the time we made it out of there. But we did stop for a not completely unpleasant lunch, and trawl through the entire store... so that's not really that bad.

That was pretty much the day though... pantry organisation and looking at Swedish furniture.

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