monday and the end of unconscious mutterings

After 269 Unconscious Mutterings posts over the last five years, I'm pulling the plug on that particular institution... I missed out on the last couple due to being incapacitated and now I find that I don't really have a hell of a lot of a desire to return to them...

I'm not exactly sure if there's going to be a permanent addition to replace them, but I have a lot of unused photos still laying around, so maybe I'll use up some of those... who knows...

blue tattoos
Today, being my first day back at work for two weeks, worked out pretty much exactly like I thought it would... telling variations of the same story to several different people, having a lot of people be glad that I was back and actually having more emails to deal with that I expected.

And there was also the realisation that although I feel like I spend a lot of time talking about the things I do with the people I work with, they don't really seem to know the intricacies of what I do.

Also, because a couple of my projects were coming pretty much to go time while I was away, they've kind of gone on without me... which feels weird because even though I was away for so long, it doesn't feel like I've really been gone, so I still keep thinking everything should be about the same place it was when I was last there.

And just to reinforce the feeling that I was all Rip Van Winkle, three new staff members have started in my absence...

platitude wall, melbourne

My body held up pretty well though... I did rely on the cane a little more than I would have at home, but I wasn't in any pain sitting down which is good.  But because it was really more physical and mental exertion that I've had to deal with since hurting my back I was starting to feel kinda drained by about 3pm... but the worst thing during the whole day was actually standing at the bus stop after work waiting for the bus.

But at least I'm back.

And people actually seemed to have missed me.

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