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Yaaaaay, I can drive a car without crippling myself!

I've been a little twitchy about getting in the car ever since le injury but after taking myself to breakfast at the Royal Oak this morning I decided I needed to get back on the proverbial horse.

And I really needed to go into the city anyway to turn my plan for the blog's Winter template into reality...

I did get into the car very gingerly, and felt like I was driving really slowly... but then I feel like I'm doing everything slowly at the moment... but it all turned out okay.

While I was wandering around, searching out street art, I realised that I was essentially on the doorstep of the Tooth and Nail gallery that I keep seeing mentioned, but hadn't gotten around to finding.

So I swung past.

Turns out it's in the same street I wandered down one lunchtime and slapped up an eyeBird as I was walking along.  Weird.

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