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It's Friday baby!

It's also a very, very, very overdue Haircut Day!

It's been an interesting day. Strange at times, but interesting. I don't know that it was a day for grand revelations, but I did have a thought that I possibly need to pick away at for a while before I go making any grand pronouncements.

Actually there have been a couple of things like that today... ideas or thoughts and realisations that I'm going to have to mull over a bit.

It was also a day without H-San, which meant we possibly did a bit more random chatting than usual... including having each other completely in stitches while brainstorming things you could do on a nautical themed hen's night scavenger hunt... which, yes, included the requisite seaman jokes.

And in between answering people's questions about all manner of weird and wonderful things I managed to make some headway into a blog post I'm working on.

Then, on a very, very packed bus ride home I spotted the first of the new Chibi Mr Sloppys... hopefully it's still there tomorrow... or even Sunday... because I think I may have to take a wander around town at some point over the weekend, just to see if I can spot them.

Oh, and then my dry cleaners misplaced my pants. First time that's ever happened... and she found them eventually, it was just in the wrong spot. Weird though.

And then after a quick but ultimately unsatisfying dinner I went off to see Tink to get my hair did.

Short sides, longerish on top and blonder through the top too. I do think that I'm going officially grey through the sides though... but not a really harsh contrast to my real hair colour.

I also took Tink Jr the stuffed elephant I found when clearing out my wardrobe... plus the copy of "Oh, The Places You'll Go" I got for her... plus her horoscope chart (which was mostly for Tink).

Tink Jr seemed to like the elephant (in between looking at me strangely)... and Tink liked the book and the chart. And we both got a little teary when I played her the Burning Man video of the book.

And boy did we talk! We talked and talked and talked... covered a bunch of important topics (Magda Szubanski coming out and the other celebs we think should come out... The Gaga... the declining quality of seasons of So You Think You Can Dance... being alone... Burning Man... Tink Jr's astrology chart).

In fact we talked so much crap for so long that I forgot to pay her when I left... so I messaged her... and she said to consider it an early birthday present and a bunch of really really nice things.


So not a bad day all up... but I think I'm ready for bed...

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