saharan shopping saturday

baby it's hot out thereLet's see... the mercury (or, more accurately the weather app on my iPhone) is hovering at 39.9°C... I'm headed out to Fringe shows tonight, tomorrow evening, Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night (and then Saturday night and Sunday afternoon)... and I don't really have anything that I need to go trawling around the shops for.

So obviously today was always going to be productive!

Okay, technically it was, but it would have been without either of us leaving our respective houses.

First up was supermarketness... and since I'm going to be eating dinner at home a grand total of two days next week, it was a little pointless to buy too much stuff... so I stuck to the basics... milk, fruit and stuff for Monday night.

While we were shopping I mentioned to Ma that not only had I found the Swatch I couldn't get in Melbourne on eBay, but I'd also found the one that she wanted and also couldn't get... so she bought it. Well, I bought it, but she's paying me for it later.

And really, the only other thing we wanted was to be out of the heat... so we went down to Arndale, wandered about completely aimlessly... then went down to West Lakes when we ran out of Arndale and wandered aimlessly around there for a slightly longer period of time.

Actually, we wandered around there until the eBay auction for my Swatch finished just after noon, and I won it (woohoo)... then we came back here.

And that's it.

Not really a thrilling day... but I'm blaming most of that on the weather.

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