photo friday: melbournian street art

manchester press urban cake lady curls
deb painter smokin beardy
You know those characters in cartoons that are so rageful that either steam is coming out of their ears or they have that uncontrollable twitching eye thing going on.

Yeah... That's this guy at present.

But we'll move on...

So... we're all booked in for Melbourne. Flight booked, hotel booked... although not the hotel we've stayed in before (the crappy location of the rooms we got last time kinda put me off a bit) and not the really, really central hotel that was over Degraves Street (but I have it bookmarked, and we're DEFINITELY staying there next time we go to Melbourne. Oh, and the car too and from the airport... I booked that yesterday with Lygon Limousines.

Although I haven't heard back from them yet... so I might have to email them directly instead of going through the form on the website.

This could well be our only trip this year. Two trips last year (plus random spending) put a big dent in my finances... so the trip to New Zealand that we were half considering is out... I'm still half tempted to go to Sydney in April on my own for a weekend to see the Bell Shakespeare company do Macbeth (the obsession continues) at the Opera House... but that will depend on how much the tickets are.

I've also discovered that it's sometimes bloody difficult to give away free things. Although perhaps it's just that the free things in question didn't appeal to the audience I was trying to give them too. Even so... it's a little frustrating.

I also discovered a new book that I may have to give to people with babies and/or people leaving school and/or any other occasion that I can think of... all thanks to this video:

The book in question is "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr Suess. The video got me a little bit misty eyed (it's a beautiful piece of writing).

Yesterday I had my first Burger Theory burger of the year. It's not like I'm surprised by how good they taste each time I have one, but I think I forget exactly how good they taste (or exactly how they taste) until I'm eating one. And the chips that they've started making are SO GOOD! So crisp on the outside but so fluffy on the inside and not at all greasy.

I'm pretty sure I know the reason why, but attractive young men working in shops who make direct eye contact with me and/or are especially friendly make me... well actually it's kinda hard to describe. It's like butterflies, but more of a lurch. Anyway, they make me all lurchy. Mostly it's the direct eye contact.

I finished the first season of Game of Thrones last night. It really is very good. Although because it's based on a series of books there's a whole bunch of stuff that happens where you just know it's going to pay off in Book/Season 4 or something. I'll definitely be watching the next season later in the year.

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Victor said...

I know you are disasppointed in the response to your offer of Albert Nobbs tickets but for me the trailers of Glenn Close playing an uptight man in a period piece just hasn't appealed. Thanks for your offer none the less.


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