a very bricky saturday

lego duplo supermarketWhatever percentage my increased pay works out to next week, I'm pretty sure I've already spent it.

But at least we went somewhere a little different... even if it kinda felt the same.

Morning, morning, morning, shopping, shopping, shopping, same, same same... the usual routine.

Then we headed down to Arndale to swap over one of the old Lego minifig cases I bought before Christmas for one of the newer ones that now have white baseplates in them instead of black (it just lifts the whole thing!).

Except they didn't have any in stock... but they did have a leftover case of Series 5 figures with about half a dozen in, plus a couple of Series 4 for good measure. Plus a new box of Series 6... so I dabbled.

It's so weird that some of them are instantly identifiable once you give the bags a squeeze and others are a complete mystery.

Anyway, when we got back in the car we had no idea where the hell to go or what to do... neither of us need anything urgently, we're about to go into the Fringe where we've pretty much got something on every Saturday between February 18 and March 10 (so, all four Saturdays)...

So it was either going into the city to wander all the way along Rundle Mall and then wander all the way back again, or I suggested heading out to Tea Tree Plaza, if only because there's a store that sells nothing but Lego across the road (not an official Lego Store mind you, just a Lego store).

And seriously, a person could do themselves an injury in that place!

Not only did they have full boxes of Series 4, 5 and 6 minifigs, but they also have a whole wall of minfigs that you can buy individually (although they are pretty pricey in a lot of cases)... plus they have sets I've never even seen anywhere else, and loose bricks.

So I bought their entire supply of 6 by 4 white plates (about 12 of them) to replace the black ones in my minifig cases... and fondled the minifigs for a while until I found one I a) could identify and b) didn't already have, and then went a little overboard with a very expensive set of minifig magnets and a minifig keyring.

The total wouldn't have been quite so bad without the magnets... which is a lesson really, never buy anything that doesn't have a price tag on it!

But you only live once.

Afterwards we headed over to Tea Tree Plaza itself. I know I would have been smaller at the time, but I swear that it used to be bigger before they made it bigger... if that makes any sense. It felt very small. And a cheap knockoff of Marion to be honest... mostly because the majority of the stores seemed to be the same.

Thankfully it didn't take us that long to get around... but we didn't bother getting anything to eat, it was all very "food courty"... so we just called it a day.

And that was about it really... other than a quick stop off at JB HiFi on the way past.

But at least I didn't have to pay the $25 postage for the little Lego plates that the Lego website tried to charge me.

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