#febphotoadayMy slight obsession of January has carried over into February and looks like it's going to continue into March... maybe for the whole year in fact.

The photos I always find the most challenging are the "self portrait" type ones... but I still love the fact that some of the photos just appear to me out of nowhere... like the final day... I'd originally planned something else, but then the weather turned to rain and gave me new inspiration.

And Day 4 is probably my favourite shot from not only our Melbourne trip at the beginning of the month, but also possibly my favourite of my Instagram shots to date.

February Photo-a-day Challenges
  • Day 1: My view today
  • Day 2: Words (Words about words about words)
  • Day 3: Hands (from the Melbourne trip)
  • Day 4: A stranger (Strangers to me and to each other... from the Melbourne trip)
  • Day 5: 10 am (from the Melbourne trip)
  • Day 6: Dinner
  • Day 7: Button
  • Day 8: Sun (There was no sun at all that day)
  • Day 9: Front door (Not mine)
  • Day 10: Self portrait (for the purposes of this shot, I am my clothes)
  • Day 11: Makes me happy (that moment when you open the package and know you've got the right one)
  • Day 12: Inside my wardrobe
  • Day 13: Blue
  • Day 14: Heart
  • Day 15: Phone
  • Day 16: Something new
  • Day 17: Time (Haircut time!)
  • Day 18: Drink
  • Day 19: Something I hate to do (cutting all the little birdies out by hand!)
  • Day 20: Handwriting
  • Day 21: A fave photo of me
  • Day 22: Where I work
  • Day 23: My shoes
  • Day 24: Inside my bathroom cabinet (my hotel toiletries collection obsession)
  • Day 25: Green
  • Day 26: Night (Falls)
  • Day 27: Something I ate
  • Day 28: Money
  • Day 29: Something I'm listening to (the rain on my umbrella)
The challenge for March is on FatMumSlim's website.

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