pre fringe shopping saturday

1950's shoppingThere's not that much to tell about today...

Essentially it was all about doing the shopping in the morning and filling in time until we went to our first Fringe performance in the afternoon.

And even the supermarket stuff was a little bit average, since I thought I was going to be out of the house more days than I may end up being... but I still got the basics.

After that, we came back here... messed around with laptops and iPhones for a bit... transferring files, updating things (mostly from Ma's side of the fence) and generally dithering about for a while.

Then we headed into town, not with any real aim in mind... other than the possibility of hunting Mr Sloppy... which worked out quite well actually.

After watching The Magnets perform at the Fringe Caravan in the Mall we wandered down to The Garden of Unearthly Delights to get something to eat, check everything out, that kind of thing.

They've moved pretty much everything around this year. There aren't as many venues at the East Terrace end... in fact, the Garden doesn't seem to go as close to East Terrace as it's done the last couple of years.

Maybe they wanted people to head further into the Garden, I don't know. It also feels like there's less venues... I know that I'm going to see a bunch of things across the road in Gluttony this year, whereas previous years have been very Garden-heavy.

But it's nice to have the Garden back either way.

We got lunch from the burger stall (it's not Burger Theory, but it's not bad... oooh, imagine that... Burger Theory in the Garden.... *drools*) and, as always, drinks from the lemonade cart.

Then we still had a whole bunch of time to kill, so we wandered down to the East Terrace end where there was proper, decent shade (and places to sit)... Ma bonded with a couple of toddlers... and eventually we headed over to start lurking around Le Cascadeur until showtime.

More on the show a bit later...

Afterwards, we pretty much just got some of the Bush Tucker Ice Cream and headed back to the car.

I think the next month is going to be like that a lot... lots of doing other things waiting around for Fringe shows.

And, you know what, I actually can't wait!

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