domestic organisational saturday

man in a boxWe really, really, really did nothing today...

Well, not nothing nothing...

Ma was dropping her car in for a service this morning, so I met her at the supermarket in my car and we did the usual supermarkettery.

And it's nearly the middle of January and the new Lego minifigures still aren't out in Target... grrr...

Afterwards we came back here and I cleared out my freezer. I really need to stop putting anything in my freezer that doesn't come out again within about a week... there was so much stuff either completely ruined by the freezer or else completely unidentifiable.

But at least it's tidy now.

While I was doing that Ma was loading some of my CDs onto her iTunes account, then we ended up both fiddlefaddling about with laptops and iPhones and Angry Birds since the mechanic called to say that he had to fix some extra thing on Ma's car and it wouldn't be ready until about noon. And since neither of us really needed to go anywhere or do anything... we didn't.

He called pretty much bang on noon, so we headed out to pick up Ma's car and headed straight back here.

I've been intending to go through my wardrobe since I went looking for something I bought in Brisbane and couldn't find it. I did find a box that I didn't even know I'd kept, and didn't need.

So since I got back here before Ma, I started in on the wardrobe.

First thing to go was my old printer and scanner... Ma's going to give them to somebody at work. And then there was the big garbage bag full of stuffed toy elephants that I used to not so much collect, but accumulate.

I pulled them all out of the bag and looked at them, and didn't have an emotional connection to almost anything in the bag. There were also some tigers and bears that I did have a connection with...

Most of the elephants are now on their way to one of the op shops.

By the time I got to the stage where everything was out of the wardrobe and spread all over my bed, bedroom floor and living room floor. And then I couldn't be bothered finishing. Mostly because I really needed some storage boxes to do it correctly.

But Ma suggested that we head down to Arndale and find some boxes. Which seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea to me.

Unfortunately it's never quite as simple as "I want a box that's pretty much X by Y by Z... they only come in certain sizes and a lot of those sizes were either a couple of centimetres too wide or way, way, way too small. Annoying.

I did eventually find some that were perhaps a little shallow, but fit across the top section of the wardrobe very nicely. One for my scarves (I have way too many scarves), one of the stuffed toys I was keeping, one for my blankets and one for all the other random fabric I had in the wardrobe (old photo backdrops, painting dropclothes, etc).

So everything went back nicely... even though the whole top section of the wardrobe is completely full again... but I did get to put my neon Christmas tree and the perspex reindeer up there so Ma didn't have to store them at her place.

And there is more room in the bottom of the wardrobe, so that's good.

But that's really about it. We then loaded up Ma's car so she could take away everything that needed taking away... which was a lot... and off she went.

Not really a short day with one thing and another, but a more productive one than just wandering around the shops in a random fashion.

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