the rise of chibi mr sloppy

mr sloppy's street dreams mr sloppy meets red bricks
mr sloppy posts no bills mr sloppy pastes it up
mr sloppy on charles mr sloppy likes to cycle
drink from mr sloppy mr sloppy goes green
mr sloppy gets wood mr sloppy goes to the pole
sneaky upsidedown mr sloppy mr sloppy dreamin on the corner
It's officially that time of year again... both the Fringe and the Street Dreams mascot, Mr Sloppy, have invaded the city of Adelaide.

This year's Mr Sloppy has a completely new look... he's what I'm calling Chibi Sloppy... and he appears to be available in a range of sizes. Plus there are at least two... the regular red one and the blue "paste up" variant.

The smaller size seems to have made Mr Sloppy much more plentiful... these are all from one walk from King William Street down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

He also seems more... mischievous this year... last year was friendly if a little dopey... but this year he's definitely up to no good!

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