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green bricks - eliza street, adelaide green veins - botanical gardens, sydney
Things that happened in my world and in my head at present...
  • For the first time in a long while I've posted something every day since Monday, which I'm kind of impressed with.

  • The pay rise that I was told about a couple of weeks ago finally found it's way into my bank account... and it equates to an extra $5.14 an hour, which is good.

  • The "buying expensive tickets now while I have money" thing continues... I bought two tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil show, Ovo, which is coming at the end of the year. Front row (on the side, but still) tickets. Expensive, but worth it I think, especially since we've never been to a Cirque show before.

  • I found the watch that I couldn't get from Swatch in Melbourne on eBay tonight... there was the option to "Buy it now", but I took the cheaper option of seeing if I can win it in the normal way... It's about $30 cheaper that way (well, if nobody else bids on it).

  • We ate (well, I say ate... a large number we chewed a bit and then spat into tissues) some of those gross Jelly Belly BeanBoozled jelly beans at work this afternoon... they truly are revolting, and I felt a little bit nauseous for the remainder of the afternoon. Urgh!

  • Today was also one of the rare days when it was actually a perfect temperature at work... by which I mean it was nice and cold. I do love coming out of work on a hot afternoon with cold fingers!

  • The Adelaide Fringe begins properly as from tonight... and in the next week I'm off to eight shows on five different days. And about the same the following week. Nothing says "Fringe Time" like me leaving the house that many nights a week.

  • Tonight's Fringe Parade could not be different from last year... tonight it's stinking hot (it's still about 36°C and the sun is going down), last year the parade was cancelled due to rain.

  • It's also possibly the worst time of the year for my back to start playing up... but it has been this week. I went through the same thing a while back and it eventually sorted itself out. Annoying though, especially at this time of year when I end up sitting on a lot of fairly uncomfortable seating. It seems to be sorting itself out, but it's usually worse in the morning anyway.

  • I also think that my attendance at the gym is probably going to suffer a bit during this Fringe season... mostly due to oversleeping. That's what happened this morning anyway.

  • Tom Flanagan posted my review of his show Kaput to his Facebook. It always blows my mind a little bit when the people who do the show see my review... like with Macbeth and Le Gateau Chocolat last year. It shouldn't... I'm putting that stuff out there (and it appears that when you search for "kaput fringe", my blog is in the first couple of results)... but it still kinda does.

  • Pretty much on a whim (and partly half way through this review on the new Penny Arcade venture, PA Report), I signed up to Steam and downloaded the new "game" Dear Esther on Tuesday night. And then two and a half hours of my life pretty much vanished. It's an incredibly odd experience, not really a game, more a piece of interactive art... but I really want to play it again just to see how the experience changes if you move through it differently.

  • Speaking of Steam... if anyone can recommend some good (and free-ish) games in either the puzzle or RPG genre, please leave me a comment!
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