photo friday: best day off ever

dried topography
These two shots are both from the day we went down to the Brighton sculptures... one is a sculpture, the other was a completely off-the-cuff snap I took just before I got back in the car... but somehow as soon as I saw the two images, they somehow matched up texturally (is that even a word?).

In other news... Best! Day Off! Ever!

I have had the best day! I slept in this morning for a couple of hours, got up, tidied the apartment (for the first time in about a week... damn all these nightly Fringe shows) and then headed out to the gym at about 8:30.

If felt quite strange to be going to the gym when the sun was up, even weirder when there were actual live people in the North Adelaide Village. I just hit about the right time too... all the people who go before work were either gone or just leaving, so the place wasn't too packed. But of course some random dude hogged one of the weights machines I use (fuck off and use something I don't use), so I had to work around him a bit.

Also, 20 minutes on the treadmill at 9% incline... go me!

I may have stretched my neck in a funny way at some point though, it's feeling a little weird at the moment... not painful, just weird.

After all the gymness I headed home, had some breakfast, fiddled around with my laptop and then headed into town for my Pre-Birthday Haircut.

Haircuts are so awesome... well, they are when you have an awesome hairdresser like Tink! She's great at cutting hair, great to chat to, and we've known each other, haircut-wise, for longer than I've been writing this blog... so at least six years. And we had lots to chat about this time because she'd gone to see The Boy with Tape on his Face (at my suggestion) and loved it... and I told her about some of the other Fringe stuff I've seen.

Just after she'd finished putting my colour on she told me she's moving house (she lives in North Adelaide too... but at the other end)... and she's pregnant! Very exciting! But I told her that when she goes on Maternity Leave I'm just going to come and get my hair cut in her kitchen (which she said was totally happening... woohoo).

As far as hair goes... it's the usual... short (although the longer side of short this time, through the top anyway) and blonde (although only blonde through the top, we left the sides au naturel again).

After I left the salon I went straight down to Dymocks in search of a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit (my official Go-To present for new babies, right after a pewter moneybox)... I had a specific edition in mind, but assumed that they probably wouldn't have it in stock, since I haven't seen it there the last couple of times I've looked. Turns out all the stars aligned correctly, and it was there. So now I have about six months to find the perfect rabbit to go with it. Hopefully Easter will help with that.

I stopped off at the car to drop the book off and pick up a folder of photo proofs, then headed down to the Paper String Plastic gallery to chat with the lovely man there about doing something with my photos... and he took all of the proofs and I now just need to work out what it is I want to do with them.


Me... with real live photos in a real live gallery... who woulda thunk it!

After that I needed to sit down and have a bubble tea... cool off a little... then came home via the supermarket where I bought some stuff for lunch (mmmm pastrami bagel) and dinner.

The one downside to the day was when the man from the electricity company rocked up on my doorstep and was all "putting in new meters, have to turn the power off for an hour"... but at least I got some reading done, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

And now it's nearly time for So You Think You Can Dance and home-made pizza...

I say again... Best! Day Off! Ever!

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