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world war wonderfulThis is possibly going to be my shortest Fringe review yet, since I want to spend as little time as possible talking about this particular show.

I will mention the fact that I'm not sure that any of the women in the image on the right were in the show I saw tonight, but it's the only available image.

World War Wonderful...

You know those shows you go to where other people in the audience are laughing hysterically at EVERYTHING, even stuff that couldn't be classed as funny in a million years? I don't know if they're drunk or if they just have no taste, but there were a couple of them at tonight's show... which annoyed me all the more because World War Wonderful isn't laugh out loud funny... it's only marginally wry smile amusing and the majority of that was the banter between songs.

And I only really applauded between numbers for as long as was polite.

If it's trying for black humour, it misses the mark by about a mile, and ends up feeling slightly in bad taste. I mean I like black humour probably more than the next guy, but it has to be done well... I don't know that this was (although a large portion of the audience might disagree with me). Even the number that was rife with double (or possibly single) entendre didn't win me over.

There were also some references to politics in there that either felt like cheap shots or felt somewhat dated.

The three girls can sing quite well, although they were being a little drowned out by the music in some of the earlier numbers, but the levels of coordination when it came to the triplicate dance moves showed a distinct lack of energy and effort.

And I'm always slightly dubious by any act that needs to use "additional pre-recorded footage" as part of the act... in fact there's not a single show I've seen where it's been used well.

Sorry ladies, but World War Wonderful was anything but.

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