store in wonderland

store in wonderland - alice
store in wonderland - the white rabbit store in wonderland - the queen's flamingo

store in wonderland - the caterpillarOne of the best things about the day that we went back to the Paper String Plastic gallery is the fact that I got to photograph the murals that Store did for them in the backroom!

Store in Wonderland... with Alice (post "Eat Me" cake... and the chain led to a wall clock standing in for the Rabbit's pocket watch), The White Rabbit, possibly one flamingos/croquet mallets belonging to the Queen of Hearts (it was in a whole different area, so I'm not sure if it really was from Wonderland) and Caterpillar complete with military jacket and awesome little moth friend.

The guy who runs the gallery said that the original plan was to have other artists come in and rotate the artworks, but after Store did these he doesn't know if he can bring himself to replace them.

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Mind Of Mine said...

Oh no! You couldn't replace those! I love the wide eyed girl in the blue dress!


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