regularly scheduled saturday shopping

i have no idea who nancy ajram is but i do like the 50's vibe to this photoSo what we have here is another lengthy Saturday... following last Saturday's lengthy Saturday... and the Saturday before that... and then next Saturday, my Birthday Weekend seems like it could also be somewhat lengthy.

Good lordy...

And Ma is currently sitting on my couch with her feet up playing Lego Harry Potter... and I'm trying not to be a Backseat Gamer... somewhat unsuccessfully... before we head off to see The Boy with Tape on his Face tonight in The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The shopping part of today was probably more of a return to our regular Saturday routine... everybody was where they were supposed to be during the Supermarket Safari, and we didn't really go into the city afterwards...

Well we did... but not the city part of the city...

I wanted to get new boots for work, and I've been rocking a pair of black Redback Bobcat ankle boots for a few years now, and they're still in pretty good shape, except for the fact they're a little on the large size now and I've pretty much worn right through the inner sole.

But do you think I can find a pair of the same boots in black anywhere? Of course not! The place I got them from originally has them in brown, but not black. Grrrrr.

I thought that maybe either Trims or Ray's Outdoors might have them, so we hit the south/west sides of town to have a look. And once again, brown, no black.

I did have a look at a pair of similar Doc Martin boots in Trims, but they didn't have the right size... thankfully Ray's Outdoors came to the rescue with a pair of Redback's from their Redback Chefs range. And reading about them just now, I think I made the right choice given that they're supposed to be good for people who are on their feet a lot (which I'm not, but I do like a comfortable shoe).

Also, the each come in their own individual shoe condom (it's really a drawstring bag, but "shoe condom" sounds better)... plus I got about $10 thanks to my RAA membership... woohoo!

After all the shoe related hysteria, we headed down to Marion... which was, well, Marion really.

I did manage to get another couple of pairs of shorts for the gym... buy one, get 50% of the second kinda thing. But that was about as exciting as it got.

Anyway... we did the usual Marion wander, looked in the same shops we usually look in, poked around DVDs, had something to eat and then called it a day.

So now we only have another two hours to kill...

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