fringe: the boy with more tape on his face

the boy with more tape on his faceDear Boy with Tape on his Face,

How are you? I'm well.

I came to see your show tonight. I also came to see you last year, and everything I said after that show is as true now as it was then!

You're still as cute as a button... you're still hysterically funny (which is doubly impressive due to the eponymous tape on your face)... and you're still incredibly talented with nothing more than a couple of cardboard boxes full of household objects.

You're like one of those silent movie comedians, everything is face (those amazing, expressive, communicative eyes!) and gesture, and all of it brilliant.

I still love watching you set up a joke that will pay off in another thirty seconds, or a couple of minutes, or forty five minutes later... nothing is wasted, everything that finds its way into your hands has some purpose to it. And that moment when the audience realises what you're doing is always priceless.

I did kinda miss seeing the ubiquitous roll of black tape from last year... but this is a whole new show, and I'm guessing that sometimes it's quicker to work with props that already exist rather than creating something totally from scratch out of tape.

That's not to say that your new tricks aren't good (and if this means that there are more of them in a show, all the better)... some of them are amazing, especially that one with the four guys... you know the one that I mean.

And just when I didn't think that you could possibly top the finale of last year's show with the bubbles and the fans, you manage to take it all the way up to the next level in spectacular fashion this year with Total Audience Participation Armageddon!

Promise me that you'll come back again next year! And the year after that... and the year after that... etc.

Please convey my best to Mrs Willis.

With love and good wishes,

PS: Everyone else... GO AND SEE THE SHOW! If you can... it's pretty much sold out once again!

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