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pre-birthday saucy balloon boyLooking back on my last couple of birthday/pre-birthday blog posts, it seems that last year I was decidedly unbirthdaylike and sound a little glum (I didn't even take a photo of my presents last year, and I have no idea what the hell I got)... but the year before we did interesting things involving art and stuff...

This year (although my actual birthday isn't until Monday... so this would be one of those "pre" things) it's a little of both to be honest... a ho-hum day, but we have plans (dinner and the final one of our Fringe shows) for the evening which should be good.

Fortunately, because I spent yesterday morning cleaning up, all I had to do this morning when I got up was wash the dishes, which was nice... and also fortunate, because I don't think I had the greatest night's sleep ever. I only really remember waking up once, but it still didn't feel like a restful night.

Possibly that was the weather... it's been kinda humid but just generally ick all day, which isn't really allowed on my Birthday Weekend.

Anyway, we did the usual Supermarket Routine... before diverging slightly to go and look for jeans for me in the Red Circle Boutique... and fortunately they had 20% off men's clothing... plus I picked up one pair that had been $50, were marked down to $30 and then scanned at $11... woohoo!

I maybe got a little carried away and bought three pairs... but I never liked one of the pairs in my wardrobe and the other two currently don't fit... so...

my presents 2011Once we'd come back and I'd unpacked and flicked through the paper, it was Present Time... once again I say woohoo!

Although, really, there wasn't a lot to unwrap... and most of it I knew about... but the money was a surprise. That's supposed to go to a new camera or something. Not completely sure what I want to do with that, so not really sure what I'm doing with the money.

And I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with the little suitcase... I don't really even remember Ma buying it... I kinda sorta do, but not really.

Anyway, I put the camera pendant on the same chair as my toy soldier (which instantly sounded like I was wearing a cat bell for some unknown reason) and we headed out again.

To be honest, neither of us really had anywhere we were desperate to go to or anything we really needed to do, with the exception of going to pick up Ma's evaporative cooler which stopped working a couple of weeks ago and was in for repairs.

So we did that, poked around the microwaves (me... must be stainless steel and shiny and possibly without a turntable), fridges and dryers (Ma... it would be nice if I could talk her into a stainless steel fridge, but I don't know how likely that is), then wandered over to Howard's Storage World for some Looking At Things followed by some Buying Things You Don't Really Need But Seem Like A Good Idea.

Once we were finished there, that was kind of the point at which the wheels came off the day...

We had no idea where to go or what do to... so we ended up heading into the city... which didn't work either since there were no cheap street carparks, so we didn't both trying for a real carpark since we didn't really have any great burning desire to go anywhere in particular.

In the end we headed down to Arndale, just because... and I bought a couple of new teeshirts, just because (and because one had a Smurf on it... because I'm obviously turning 7 on Monday)... had drinks at Gloria Jeans (because it's about the only decent place down at Arndale)... and I bought a new (Round Belcher... it's a thing, who knew) chain for my camera pendant... and then we gave up and came back here.

At that point I attacked my wardrobe and threw a bunch of stuff out, including all the old pairs of jeans except my black ones and the ones I'd been wearing... I also threw in the towel on the big green furry lined hoodie I bought in Melbourne last year... I was never ever going to wear it again, it's just too damn hot and takes up too much space in the wardrobe.

And when I was putting everything back in again, I may have gotten a teeny tiny bit carried away... it's okay, it'll only stay like that for about a week.

So that's about that really...

Now we're just waiting around before it's time to head down to Bombay Bicycle Club for dinner and then to The Garden of Unearthly Delights to see Swamp Juice...

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