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So I've managed to do pretty much nothing on my day off... I went to the gym this morning, the pretty boy at the counter wished me a Happy Birthday, I did my workout (and how young is too young for the gym... there was a kid there with his mum who couldn't have been more than about 14), he also said something to the effect of enjoying the rest of my day when I was on my way out ("Well how about you come home with me and I can really make it a birthday to remember")...

I came home, had a shower, swapped the shorts and teeshirt I went to the gym in for the shorts and teeshirt I've worn all day, I didn't bother shaving or doing my hair... then after pootling around on the laptop for a bit, I settled in to watch movies all afternoon...

All in all, the perfect birthday so far!

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Judge :: Judy
  2. Safe :: Cracker
  3. Boulevard :: Sunset
  4. 27 :: Hours or Days Later, but neither is actually correct
  5. Next :: Week
  6. Ma’am :: Yes
  7. Desktop :: Icons
  8. Club :: Chocolate
  9. Violet :: Crumble
  10. Enamel :: Bathtub
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Lacarian said...

Happy birthday, Yani! :) Hope you'll enjoy your day!


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