fringe: philip escoffey - six more impossible things before dinner

philip escoffey - six more impossible things before dinnerPhilip Escoffey's previous show, "Six Impossible Things Before Dinner", was one of the shows that I wanted to see last year but missed out...

Now that he's back with Six More Impossible Things Before Dinner out for this year's Fringe, and there was no way I was going to miss it this time.

It's a hard show to review, mostly because you can't really give away what he does...

Escoffey doesn't claim to be psychic or a mind-reader or anything, but it feels like he should be... in essence I think he's profoundly skilled at misdirection, human behaviour and psychology (essentially, the magician's arts), but it's really up to everyone who goes to the show to make up their own mind about who and what he is.

What he is, though, is incredibly good at what he does. And he mixes humour with the tricks, which I'm guessing helps them along somewhat, but also makes for a very enjoyable night out.

As for the Six Impossible Things... predominantly they are pretty much impossible... there were a couple that the more I think about them the more I go "well, that could be this thing"... but in most of them there comes a point where you just go "yeah, but how did he do THAT".

Definitely one that has to be seen to be believed!

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Victor said...

I hope he is bringing this show to Sydney. I loved the previous show.

He is very clever.


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