photo friday: yanky brain

yanky brain torn paste-upSometimes a random piece of paste-up street art gets something of a second life when it gets torn or partially removed or otherwise altered and minimised...

I don't know what the text originally said, but now it reads...
... planet into a lifeless,
... They removed the
... and trained them
... the younger brains,
... programmed into
... for the boring
... called super-
Now I don't know what that means, but I kinda like it. It's almost like a poem you're not supposed to understand...

Plus I feel somewhat like somebody has removed, trained and programmed by brain too this week. I don't know if its from working those two days, or the fact that I've been absolutely glued to the teevee watching episode after episode of The West Wing, or what... but I'm a little bit sixes and sevens today.

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