photo friday: abstract blue

abstract blueI'm not completely sure if this is supposed to "be" something or not... it was with some of the other street art stuff a few weeks back, and it was just... different... all blue and abstracy... interesting though.

Today's that weird left over day... February 29, the leap year... you would have thought they would have been able to come up with a more accurate system than having to add in an extra day every four years.

Tomorrow is Haircut Day (yaaaaaay!), a week earlier than I wanted it, but I'll survive... I'm thinking something in the blonder oeuvre and short and tidy (not that it's not mostly short now, but it's not as tidy as it could be)...

And it's ten days until Sydney... and I'm freaking out still (I'm just going to be in a vague sense of perpetual freakout until we actually get on the plane I think). Unsurprisingly I haven't even thought about my birthday this year... partly because it coincides with our last day in Sydney, so whatever we end up doing about it, we'll probably mostly do while we're there... but also, I know that a fair portion (not counting the tickets) of the trip actually IS my birthday present, so what else do I need really.

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