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rosina street carparkwarning: the sky could fall in
The theme for this weekend is obviously "productive and unproductive in equal measure"...

Ma came down this morning and we went out, firstly in search of something for breakfast (brunch really by the time we were headed out), and kinda sorta maybe trying to find me a blender.

Firstly we went and had a look at the fire damage to a set of apartments down the street... I was sitting on the couch late last night, minding my own business (and watching yet another episode of West Wing) when I realised I could see red and blue flashy lights through my bedroom window, and when I went to look it was a fire engine stopped down the street, and a huge plume of smoke, lit up orange from underneath complete with little orange sparks floating up into the night. So I hightailed it down the street to have a nosey (without shoes or camera, since I didn't know I was going to get so up close and personal... and I might add, without shutting the front door or anything first), to watch the pretty fire and whathaveyou.

Turned out that a brush fence on a little vacant plot (although why the hell there's a vacant plot in the middle of North Adelaide is anybody's guess) had caught fire, and then that had spread to the back of a set of apartments, and a tree. When I got down there they had most of it under control, although the tree, and possibly the fence, as well as at least one of the apartments was still on fire when I was there. There wasn't anything on any of the news websites when I looked first thing this morning, but I just checked again now, and found this...
A fire which caused about $100,000 damage to three North Adelaide townhouses is believed to have been deliberately lit. MFS spokesperson John Foody said fire cause investigators believe the fire was deliberately lit in a brush fence before spreading to the back of the town houses.
And when you saw it in the daytime I can understand now why there was so much damage done.

But anyway... after we'd been to stickybeak, we went looking for somewhere to have breakfast... and because we can't ever make a decision, we ended up going down to the Brickworks Markets, since I don't know that I've ever been there, and we were kind of in the area, and I figured being a market type place it would be sure to have food stalls and stuff.


I should have gone with my first instinct after we saw the first coffeeshop place which just looked incredibly skeevy... we should have just turned tail and left right then and there. The whole place was just WRONG... skeevy and skanky and icky and festy... There were several food type places, but each one seemed to be slightly worse (or at least not much better) than the one before it. We should have just left right then... but we ended up going into this little bakery. You know the kind of place where you don't really want to touch anything, or be there at all... yeah, it was like that. Shoulda turned tail and run for it... didn't. Big mistake.

Granted the cake I had wasn't that bad... but the place in general left a bad taste in my mouth. And we didn't even really look at the "market"... actually I was more than happy to just walk straight out after the food incident, but Ma wanted to walk through the market. Trust me, I didn't feel any better after we did that. Everything just looked icky... cheap and nasty and festy and icky... and when Ma tried to stop and show me some mobile phone holders (since I kinda want one for my bedroom) I pretty much just dragged her out of there. We finished the end of one row of stalls and legged it.

YUCKY TA! Never, ever, ever, ever going there again. Ewwwwww!

Anyway, we ended up heading over to the "Homemaker Centre" not that far away, and we had a sausage sizzle at Bunnings to try and "wash away the taste of the Brickworks" as I put it. Then wandered around there aimlessly a bit, then went looking for blenders at random stores nearby. Still no joy.

Then we headed over to a nearby Kmart, even though I looked in one yesterday, still no joy... there was a price tag thing on the shelf for a $25 blender... but no actual blenders on the shelf. In the end we just kind of gave up and headed home.

But because we came back through the city, and I'd taken my camera with me when we left the house (since we really didn't have any idea where we were going or what we were doing), I directed Ma towards Rosina Street and the "Carpark-Members Only" artwork by Matej Andraz Vogrincic. Its lucky I actually knew the thing was there, because as we drove into the street I didn't notice it. Maybe because it was an overcast day, so you didn't get the shadows like you would on a sunny day... I don't know. But once I'd noticed it... wow! 50,000 toy cars glued to a large expanse of brick wall... and toy cars of a variety of sizes too... mostly they were your normal "Hot Wheels/Matchbox" type car, but a few were huge by comparison. And I spotted at least one semi trailer or possibly a car carrying truck amongst all the others.

Just around the corner is Solomon Street, which is subtitled "Art Street" or "Art Arcade" or something similar, I forget now ("Art Alley" maybe... I remember thinking there was alliteration going on)... and it's full of murals and other bits and pieces of street art. And while a lot of them were colourful and pretty and everything, the yellow warning label was the thing that caught my eye (and appealed to my sense of humour) most of all.

That was about it really... snapped a bunch of shots of the street art, then came home.

Oh and Ma called me a little bit ago to tell me she tracked down a seemingly decent blender for me... woohoo!

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