unconscious mutterings 264

I'm SOOOOO running behind myself this morning... I was up late last night because I got on the trail of some new work by an artist I quite like and didn't end up getting to bed until about 1am... then I slept right through my alarm at 6am (or woke up enough to switch it off, but have no memory of doing so)... and woke up just before 7am...

Hopefully this doesn't mean I'll be playing catch-up all day... I hate those days...

But enough about me... let's talk Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Protocol :: Droid (I've been watching the newer Star Wars movies this past week)

  2. Girlfriends :: Boyfriends

  3. Shoulders :: Reconstruction

  4. Coming home :: Quiet

  5. Let it in :: Peace

  6. Honor :: Klingon

  7. Tyler :: Durden (it's a Fight Club thing)

  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson (unfortunately)

  9. Angela :: 's Ashes

  10. The winner is :: Sid-en-ey (thank you Mr Olympics Man)
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