a meme about blogging

I haven't done a meme in a while, and I picked this up somewhere during a Google search...

  1. Do you promote your blog?
    Not really... I leave comments on other people's blogs, but I've noticed that kinda like some out of control science experiment, once you register your blog with a couple of "blogging list" sites, it has a tendency to just turn up in people's blogrolls all on it's own.

  2. How often do you check hits?
    Just once a day, in the mornings when I do all my regular surfing. It's even better now that I started using Google Analytics (thank you J!), since I get that running total thing.

  3. Do you stick to one topic?
    Hell no... I sometimes can't even stick to one topic within a single blog post.

  4. Who knows that you have a blog?
    Ummmm... the people who read it? If you're talking about people from "my real life"... then none of the do really... well, J does now, but he only knows that it exists, not anything else.

  5. How many blogs do you read?
    About eighteen a day... well, I look at eighteen of them, whether or not they've been updated it another matter.

  6. Are you a fast reader?
    I would say so...

  7. Do you customise your blog or do anything technical?
    Well, I took one of the standard blogger templates apart and put it back together again into my template, so I would say that that counts on both of those questions.

  8. Do you blog anonymously?
    Yeah... I guess if you knew me really well AND read my blog you could easily connect the two, but I tend to like to section of both my online and offline activities, but also various parts of my online existance.

  9. To what extent do you censor yourself?
    Not a whole hell of a lot. I'll sometimes leave some of the finer details of certain situations out (things of a sexual nature), since I'm not really THAT kind of blogger (plus I don't have enough sex to be)... but I find that I tend to censor myself more when it comes to leaving comments on other people's blogs... there are things I could say, but sometimes I just wonder "what's the point" or can't think of a way to say it so that it doesn't sound like I'm saying "well, aren't you just an idiot".

  10. The best thing about blogging?
    The people. Which sounds weird, given that blogging is something that you do all on your ownsome... but there are some really nice fellow bloggers I've "met" doing this.
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Monty said...

ooooh, I'm going to have to steal this meme! :-)

yani said...

Steal away... "mi contenido del blog es su contenido del blog"...

Okay, it doesn't have quite the same ring as "mi casa es su casa"... but it's the thought that counts ;P


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