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shopping all by his onesiesI'm not entirely sure whether or not today was a highly efficent and organised shopping expedition, or else a big bout of time wasting...

Ma is away doing whatever the hell it is that Ma does when she's away (I do know, I'm just not sure how much I care *grin*)... and she was supposed to call me to organise whether we were going to go shopping tomorrow or whatever, but she didn't... and I actually forgot until late on Friday night, and she was already away by that stage... so I just took matters into my own hands and went shopping all on me one-sies...

Which when it came to the whole Supermarket Ramblings was possibly a good thing, because they were doing stocktaking this morning (why, I ask you... why would you do stocktaking on a Saturday morning... other than the fact you could call in all of your part time staff who possibly have other jobs during the week... or, you know, school)... which meant that the first three or four aisles of the supermarket were CRAMMED full of staff... you couldn't move without tripping over them. So it was good that I could just skim down the aisles quite quickly. I'm sure I probably forgot to get a few things, but I got everything that was on my list, so that's something at least.

But it only took about 15 minutes... which is a little scary.

I did make up for it as I wandered around doing other bits and pieces, and everything else ended up taking me another three quarters of an hour. But seeing as it usually takes Ma and I about two hours (minimum) to do the same amount of shopping, it was still pretty good.

And I managed to find a nice leather look box to put my bedside clock on, for the low, low price of $4... woohoo. On the down side it does have ENORMOUS hand holds cut into the sides, but again... $4... and if nothing else, it will do until I find the perfect box.

Sadly I'd forgotten to take my empty honey jar with me so I could stop off at the Honey Man, so I had to come home, unpack everything, and then go back out again. But that was okay because it meant that I could finally stop off at the doll shop to see if they had any plastic boxes. Unfortunately the only one the woman had was WAY too big and WAY too expensive, but she did give me a good lead for finding something... florists... which I don't know why I hadn't thought of before.

Of course neither of the two florists I ended up looking in while I was doing the rest of my running around had the right kind of box (or boxes at all), but it's a lead.

I also REALLY (really, really, really) want a blender... but I'm cheap and broke, so I want a decent looking blender under $30... do you think such a thing exists? Well, it doesn't. Or if it does it's hideously ugly or in the case of a couple of them the price was right, but they didn't have any blenders on the shelf... d'oh.

Anyway, I went down to Arndale mostly to look for a blender and to continue my unsuccessful search for more little clear rubber stickon "feet". I bought some a couple of weeks ago, but used them all, and wanted some more for the bottom of my chopping board because it's gone all wonky lately, so it ends up spinning if I'm not careful... but when I went looking for them today they weren't there anymore. Same store, same section, two weeks apart... nothing. RUDE!

So no blenders, no "feet", no nothing. Very frustrating. But on the upside, I got to do everything at my own speed (very fast), and didn't have to have any decision making process conversations about things, I could just go where, when, how I liked.

After Arndale, after a quick detour to one of those big electronics stores (I forget the name of it), with wander around Orrificeworks to see if they had little feet... which they did, but at like $11 or something insane. So I ended up going down to West Lakes, which both was and wasn't a waste of time. As far as blenders go, it was a total waste of time, partially because there was no Big W at West Lakes, and that was the only store I've seen cheap prices for blenders... but I did manage to find the little feet... woohoo! For some strange reason they had them in the Woolworths down there... they didn't have any at my "local" Woolies, I know they didn't have any down at Marion, because we looked last week... so I don't know what's up with that. I also nearly bought Dilbert on DVD, since it was supposedly the whole series, and it was half price ($16 down from $32), but I went back and forth on it, and ended up just putting it down. If I couldn't make my mind up, then I really didn't need to get it.

And now I'm home again...

Not quite sure what the hell to do with myself now to be honest... looks like it'll be more West Wing...

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