photo friday: gum tree bee

gum tree bee 2007I snapped this one during our Art Extravaganza last weekend... it was on the fringes of the Botanical Gardens, which I so need to take a little trip to some time soon.

I have a thing about shots of bees in or on flowers... probably because it makes more of a point of interest than just the flowers themselves. I also like the colours in this shot... the soft grey green leaves, the yellow blossoms all standing out so sharply against the blue sky with just the touch of cloud.

It also makes a change from today's weather since it's been cloudy, grey and raining pretty much all day... but after the last few days of warmer weather, it's appreciated.

The only "problem" with this shot is because I took it from under the tree looking up, the shadows are all facing the camera... but everything's still visible, so it's not that much of a problem.

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Steven said...

That is one strange looking plant.


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