productive xmas shopping saturday

vintage christmas shopper
I don't know whether it was the fact that the calendar flipped over to November this week, but Ma was much more organised about what she wanted to get in the way of Christmas presents.

She may be right though that part of the problem has been that usually we wander around shopping for each other and while doing that just happen to find things or are struck with inspiration about what to buy for other people.

But since I really don't have anything that I either want or need this year, and I think I've pretty much found most of Ma's presents already... so we're a little without focus.

However, after we did the usual Saturday morning routine Ma suggested that we head into the city yet again... but at least this time she had a plan.

Which entailed us looking at a lot of cookware (for Princess T since she's moved out of home) and some Smiggle items (for Miss Oh-Livia).

We also did some poking around in other stores, had to deal with some overly perky staff members, took five minutes out to sit in the massage chairs in the Myer Centre (mmmm vibrating rolling goodness), grabbed something to drink and called it a day.

The only thing (other than food) I bought on the whole shopping trip was some wrapping paper to wrap a copy of The Velveteen Rabbit I bought a while ago for one of the women at work who's pregnant.

I think Ma knocked over half of her Christmas shopping on the head though.

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