it's a seasonal shopping saturday

santa bear and the seven gay elves
Ma was getting her hair did this morning (it must have been the week for it), so I took myself off to the supermarket for some solo shopping.

As usual, because I was shopping on my own, it took about half the time it normally does. But because I got started later than normal Ma messaged me that she was on her way down just as I was finishing.

We seem to have abandoned going to most of the suburban shopping centres, most notably Marion, since I hurt my back, in favour of going into the city.

And this week wasn't much different... at least Ma had an actual mental list of things she wanted to get and places she wanted to go.

There were also a couple of errands I wanted to run, but mostly it was just a lot of watching Ma poke around stores.

We headed down to David Jones' Food Hall again to grab something to eat... although since I did really feel like a milkshake, we ended up at their juice bar and had a virulently green concoction and a couple of their "dip packs"... which is just a little container of dip (I had hummus) and some chopped veggies (my perennial favourite, celery). It was quite nice for a change.

After we were done in town I wanted to go and pick up the artwork I bought from These Walls Don't Lie, so we headed out there (taking the long way for no good reason), unfortunately when we got there there was a note on the door saying they were closed for the day.


So that was about it really... and I think that that's pretty much all of the Christmas shopping done. I'm sure there will be other things that crop up at the last minute, because there always are, but we managed to get everything finished much earlier than usual which is good.

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