glenelg morning and afternoon

glenelg jetty in the morningglenelg jetty in the afternoon

I had a conference in Glenelg today, and since I was driving, I decided to go down really early with my camera and take some photos beforehand, then take some more afterwards.

I don't think I've ever done that before to be honest. I've photographed the same place at different times, but I've never done the exact same walk in the morning and afternoon of the same day.

So each set of photos is one from the morning (on the left), one from the afternoon (on the right).

morning - ten past eightafternoon - twenty to six

morning - furry beach sausageafternoon - silky blue shorts

I had a pretty straight run first thing this morning and got to Glenelg at about 7:15 (even though the conference didn't start until 9), and it was about 6:15 by the time I got back in my car and left this afternoon.

morning - sea green and rustafternoon - thunderbolt dumpster

morning - beach photoshoot wardrobeafternoon - feeding the gulls

I wandered down from the conference venue all the way around to Mosley Square and had a little bit of breakfast at McDonalds while sitting in the sunshine, then made my way back to the venue.

morning - golden beach bumafternoon - tanned beach bum

morning - jetty fishafternoon - jetty blurred

Unfortunately the conference wasn't a) what I was expecting and b) particularly useful... although there were a couple of good bits... and it got us out of the office for the day.

morning - riding the tramafternoon - riding the waves

morning - grey sky, blue seaafternoon - gull couple

morning - detecting other people's lossesafternoon - beach poles

But due to my morning and afternoon wandering, I actually felt pretty good about the day overall.

Plus I got to perv on some guys not wearing a whole hell of a lot in the afternoon.

morning - beach grassafternoon - wet glenelg blonde

morning - sunrise boatafternoon - sea sparkle

morning - glenelg morning, northafternoon - glenelg afternoon, south

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Belle said...

I enjoyed these photos. The trams look extra modern now.


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