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This is going to sound weird... but I'm feeling really relaxed tonight.

I can't say that it's a feeling that I often have... usually there's so level of anticipation or distraction or... I don't know... something that isn't me feeling relaxed.

So it was a little odd... and it's fading a little as the evening progresses... but it was nice to just have that moment of zen for want of a better word.

In unrelated news...

My chiro is pleased with my progress... so we're moving the appointments from weekly to fortnightly. Although typically, I feel worse after my adjustment than I did before it.

We also started talking about plans for a Christmas get together at work today. But given that I always loose a Sunday due to going down to Ma's to put up the Christmas tree and then another when we make the Christmas goodies, it always makes that stuff a little difficult. We thought we'd come up with one until Sugarmonkey, who's hosting the shindig, remembered it's his wedding anniversary. Whoops.

So instead we're doing it in January to welcome in the new year, and having a Friday afternoon drinks session instead at the beginning of December.

And speaking of Christmas... I seem to be going through that phase of the year where everything goes into that big box marked "Away For Christmas"... but thinks kind of seem to be appearing out of the woodwork as well.

swoopsenorita taco
I was looking through some old blog posts this week trying to find the names of some of the pieces in my art collection, and I found this from a post way back in 2009...
I want to start putting some money away specifically to buy art with. The plan in the back of my head is to collect more Benzo work, but you never know, I might want to branch out at some stage.
I think that comes under the general heading of "be careful what you wish for"...

Although I haven't really had any opportunities to buy artwork by Benzo since that that first piece.

gull profilestair splash
Now I don't know if this is just my experience, or if this is a more general occurrence...

I've had a couple of conversations with guys online in the last couple of days that would most easily be filed under the heading of "Guys Don't Listen".

I'm always very clear about what I want and what I'm not interested in, but guys just recently seem to have some selective hearing going on.

Maybe it's part of that "I want what I want when I want it" culture that comes with "dating apps"... There's no need to compromise or even to view the other person as a fully fledged human being, they can just treat everybody as a product that either does or doesn't align to a potentially impossible grocery list of what they want in a man.

But this is almost the opposite of that... as though if they just keep asking for the same thing, they'll get it, even though they've been told that's not an option. As though what they've decided they want doesn't need to match up with the real world.

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