lego minifig troubles

It's not always easy being a Lego minifig... no matter what era you're supposed to be in.

lego cavewoman and caveman
"I can manage to get a bone through my hair and stitch a whole outfit,
but my face is permanently dirty... what's up with that?"

lego pharaoh and cleopatra
"Will you watch where you're pointing that snake, woman...
you're such a pain in the asp..."

lego viking warrior and sword maiden
"Man those Opera critics are tough!"

lego geisha and samurai
"And the ninja gets a GOLD sword... I mean, c'mon, how is that even stealthy!"

lego aztec warrior and conquistador
"I'm telling you dude... you have one of the best head pieces in the
whole series... whereas my helmet looks like it's on fire!"

lego cowboy and cowgirl
"I know we're supposed to be the Western couple... but you look like
Indiana Jones and I feel like I'm straight out of the 1950's!"

lego tarzan and jane
"I said we could adopt... but you have got to be joking!"

lego tennis ace and tennis pro
"So you don't come with a tennis ball either?
Now what are we going to do!"

"Clearly space travel makes everyone mildly sarcastic... 
or can we control our spacesuits with our eyebrows?"

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