a very trying shopping saturday

very crowded shopping
It's pretty much common knowledge that if you put me in a room full of people and make both me and those people move around, at some point I'm going to want to kill at least 20% of all the people in the room.

And whoever decided that it was a good idea to hold the pre-Christmas Bowerbird Bazaar on the same day as the Christmas Pageant needs a smack.

The first part of the morning was okay, other than the fact we got off to a little bit of a late start.

But the supermarket was pretty much the same as always...

Then, due to the fact that the Pageant was blocking off our ability to get from the north to the south of the city, we had to detour around the city.

The combination of everybody else having to detour, combined with an accident on Greenhill Road, plus ongoing roadworks... I think it can best be summed up by "ARRGGHHHH".

Part of the problem was that we tried to go around the problem by detouring into Unley, but other than going really out of our way, there's no way to get over the tram line other than Goodwood Road.

So I think it took us longer to detour than it would have to stay where we were.

I don't know what else was on at the Showgrounds, whether people had parked there and caught the tram in for the Pageant, but unlike previous times, they weren't just ushering people into the grounds to park... so that was another minor annoyance on top of a lot of other annoyances.

So I was already irritated by the time we got to Bowerbird... and things that might otherwise have been a minor issue really made me crazy.

But I don't understand how people can be so incredibly clueless about spatial relationships. If I'm walking towards you, and am unable to go around you so I stop to allow you to move, and you just stand there before eventually walking off when you feel like it. That makes you a douchebag.

And don't get me started on women who bring their gigantic prams to these things and behave as though it's their divine right to just leave them wherever they like.

Okay... I feel a little better now after getting that off my chest.

bowerbird bazaar
We didn't necessarily buy a lot of stuff... although I had to resist the urge to buy all of the owl things they had for the girl at work who's an owl fan.


I did have a chat with the guy from Temono where I bought my leather bracelet last time to see if they made it in any other colours.

They don't yet... but the guy said that he was planning on making them in red and brown (I also suggest grey, but he's not sure if the leather comes in grey)... and he should have them by the time Bowerbird rolls around next year (and he definitely should, since I just checked and they're only doing one in May instead of one in March and one in July).

When I bought the bracelet originally I didn't get him to stamp an initial into the little silver disk, but decided to ask if he happened to have the & symbol in his little box of metal letters. And he did... so now I have an ampersand on my bracelet. Which I have to say looks quite groovy, even if it did baffle the guy a little as to why I chose the ampersand.

I bought some cards from Ashleigh Abbott, they were great graphic designs of birds that reminded me a little of the work of Charley Harper.

Just before we left I also picked up one of the cardboard reindeer from The Yard Ink. I went with a plain one as none of the colour variations worked for me... but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it here at home or take it into work.

As usual, we stopped at Red Door Bakery for lunch... while they do nice pies, it's their sweet menu items that really are killer... not only do they make the best gingerbread, but their salted caramel brownie is awesome.

That was it really. And at least I didn't have to actually kill anybody.

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