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this is the kind of santa who can visit me in a month
With the exception of a couple of bits and pieces that can only really be picked up a couple of days before the big day, Ma and I are pretty much done with Christmas shopping.


It wasn't really that much of a different day than any of our recent shopping excursions, although I think possibly because it was going to be quite a warm day that a whole bunch of people decided that they would do their shopping before the heat of the day set in.

Although it's days like that that make me realise that the supermarket very often doesn't have all that many staff members working first thing on a Saturday morning. Either that or the age of the people they do have working on Saturday mornings mean that they very often turn up late.

I could be generalising though.

After shopping we did some random wandering around Target to no real avail, and Ma spent a surprisingly large amount of money on random junk at Coles for various people's Christmas presents (you know, those people that you don't really know that well, but you still get them something).

Then after the usual unpacking and watching of really, really, really, really old and often odd movies on GEM, we headed into the city... again.

The Kmart in Rundle Mall finally opened this week, and it's a little bit weird... partly because I can still identify where pretty much everything used to be when it was Toys R Us. Even though it now looks completely different, and they've moved the escalators and replaced the lifts and totally reconfigured the store. But I know that that section used to be where you came up in the escalator but is now shoes... and where the men's undies are was once Nintendos and Playstations (so it still contains things that men like to fiddle with). It's weird... it's almost like seeing the previous version on the back of my eyeballs.


It's a little bit of a disappointment to be honest... while it might be the only "two level Kmart in Australia", it also feels like it's one of the smallest. All the departments feel small, with the possible exception of clothing... and there's no audio visual department (not that I really care about that so much any more). And the aisles seem really narrow.

And since they started doing their "low, low, low, low, are you fucking kidding me, low prices" thing, the quality of a lot of their stuff has understandably dropped off. So, yeah... woohoo there's a Kmart in the city... but, you know, it's a Kmart...

We did, however, see a group of teenagers wandering around the store, and one of them was wearing a top hat, another was wearing a panda hat and fairy wings and a third was wearing a pink pig jumpsuit with a red tie.

Young people today... I ask you!

Anyway, we wandered down to Lush so Ma could pick up a few bits and pieces for randoms, poked our noses into Crumpler and went down to grab another juice and a couple of the dip packs from DJ's Food Hall.

Then we headed out of the city to pick up my Joshua Smith piece from These Walls Don't Lie. I had to restrain myself though since there were some Dan Withey pieces there that I was kind of coveting... and if I hadn't already bought one of his pieces, I might have succumbed. Truthfully, if Ma hadn't been with me I probably would have succumbed anyway...

And, as has happened before, once I got the Smith piece home I realised that it's FUCKING HUGE! Whether it's because I'm viewing them in an environment that's large and open, but as soon as I get them in my house, they're enormous.

It's beautiful though. I just need a new house to display everything. Anybody want to rent me somewhere big enough for me and all my art? Somewhere as close to the city as possible, with air-conditioning and with lots of good strong wall hooks?

Yeah, because that's going to just drop out of the sky like that.


That was pretty much it... and next week the official ramp up to Christmas begins... as usual the first and third weekends in December will be the Tree Trimming and Christmas Goodie Making respectively... and then Christmas will all be over before you know it. I am looking forward to having some time off though.

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