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The last in Burger Theory's line of Art Burgers was released today and I went down to Chesser Street with some of the boys from work to get my hands on the burger.

I've made a point to try each of the Art Burgers as soon as they were available (sometimes more successfully than others, I missed out on the first couple the day they came out), and I've collected all of the art prints.

I'm hoping that this was a promotion/event that was successful enough for Burger Theory that they'll do something similar again next year with some different artists.

All the burger photos are from Burger Theory's Facebook page, the first photo is by Matt Stuckey and all the others are by Paolo from JuanPM. The photos of the art prints are by me.

be friendly burger and print by burger theory and matt stuckey
Burger #1: Be Friendly Burger
Artist: Matt Stuckey

Chunky apple slaw, chipotle mayo, American cheese, and belly bacon

This was my introduction to the Art Burgers, and after missing out the first day they went on sale, it was well worth the effort to finally get my hands on it. It remained my favourite throughout the whole Art Burger series.

The sweet, crisp apple and the salty bacon alongside the usual burger patty and soft bun was a perfect combination and one that I would be very glad to see take up a permanent spot on Burger Theory's menu.

ghetto burger and print by burger theory and tristan kerr
Burger #2: Ghetto Burger
Artist: Tristan Kerr

Fried chicken skin, quick pickles, American cheese and truck sauce

I was a little dubious about this one. Specifically about the fried chicken skin, since I don't like chicken skin at the best of times and I'm not a fan of pork crackling.

But it was tastier than I expected. In truth, I think the pickles and Burger Theory's signature truck sauce are what saved this from being mediocre, as the pickles added that all important lift in flavour.

shizzle burger and print by burger theory and shane devries
Burger #3: Shizzle Burger
Artist: Shane Devries

Avocado, lemon and salt mash, pickled red onions and iceberg lettuce

This burger was the surprise taste sensation of the series. I'm not a fan of avocado normally, I find both the taste and the texture to be quite unappealing. However I do adore lemon, so the avocade mashed with salt and a fair amount of lemon really worked for me as a taste. I think the pickled onion also added that extra sour note that appeals to me.

The result was light and zingy and was definitely the taste of summer. It also made me rethink my previous opinion of avocado.

ankles burger and print by burger theory and ankles
Burger #4: Ankles Burger
Artist: Ankles

Crispy salami chips, jack cheese and housemade dijonnaise

This was my least favourite burger of the six. There just seemed to be something missing. Whether it needed more of the dijonnaise, or whether it needed something akin to the lemon, pickles or apple of the previous three burgers, I'm still not sure.

I'm not a huge big fan of the regular Burger Theory #2 burger as I find it too salty and lacking in that one element that lifts the whole burger. And the Ankles Burger was even more like that.

luchador burger and print by burger theory and jake two
Burger #5: Luchador Burger
Artist: Jake Two aka Jake Bresanello

Spicy black bean mash, pico de gallo with pickled jalapeno, goat's cheese feta and mild chili corn chips

This is the burger designed by Burger Theory's own Jake. And it's also the burger that explored texture in the best way of the whole series.

Putting chips on a sandwich is something I've done since I was a kid, but I've never thought of doing it with a burger. The addition of the corn chips to the pico de gallo salsa and feta gave a completely different mouth feel and made me want to put corn chips on all the burgers I eat.

quandong burger and print by burger theory and chris edser
Burger #6: Quandong Burger aka SA Burger
Artist: Chris Edser

Quandong chutney, Charleston Brie and baby rocket

Last but by no means least is the Quandong Burger from today. And the chutney was made from scratch using local quandongs (some of which were actually from Chris's back yard)... and it was amazing. I understand it was a pain in the ass to make, but the results were delicious.

And once again that mix of salty and sweet like the first Art Burger was working perfectly in the combination of the chutney paired with the brie.

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Now if I had to choose one of these burgers to join Burger Theory's regular rotation it would have to be the Be Friendly Burger... everything about it was just perfect.

Although the Shizzle Burger does come a very, very close second.

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