It really is starting to feel like I should do one month of Photo-A-Day entirely with Lego... the two most liked photos from this month were Days 3 and 15... and 15 was a last minute replacement when the photo I'd planned didn't work out.

It's also been the month with the most Lego shots so far... nine in all (Days 1-3, 6, 11, 15, 18, 24 and 30)... and finishing and ending with Lego.

And it has proved yet again that sometimes good shots happen at without any planning (Days 5, 12 and 19)... although the reverse is also true (Day 23).

  • Day 1: Morning (what I put together at work first thing in the morning)
  • Day 2: Empty (it was the only empty spot in my collection... but it's filled now)
  • Day 3: On my plate
  • Day 4: Close-up
  • Day 5: Sign
  • Day 6: Hat
  • Day 7: Drink
  • Day 8: Six o'clock (wrapping Ma's birthday presents)
  • Day 9: My view today
  • Day 10: Best bit of my weekend (was the fact it extended out to Monday)
  • Day 11: Door
  • Day 12: From a low angle
  • Day 13: Art (my ever expanding art collection)
  • Day 14: Time
  • Day 15: Yellow
  • Day 16: Out and about
  • Day 17: In my bag
  • Day 18: Something you don't know about me (mostly you don't know what I look like... and for the record, I don't really look like any of these four either)
  • Day 19: Imperfect
  • Day 20: Fave photo I've ever taken (one of the models I met back in Camera Club days)
  • Day 21: Where I slept
  • Day 22: From a high angle
  • Day 23: Movement
  • Day 24: On my mind (my noisy neighbours)
  • Day 25: Something cute
  • Day 26: Where I shop (for chocolate)
  • Day 27: Bathroom
  • Day 28: On the shelf (I also bought the shelf... and it's contents)
  • Day 29: Soft (my favourite blanket)
  • Day 30: A friend
It's kinda hard to believe we're already halfway through the year... but July's list starts tomorrow.

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