monday haircut adventures

kitchen haircut
The back of my neck is cold...

Not really surprising given that I've just come back from having my hair cut at Tink's place... but it's going to be a bugger for the rest of the week, especially in the mornings.

The haircut was pretty much what we've been doing for a while now... very short sides, very blonde top... but it felt good to get it tidied up since it really should have been cut some time in May.

Tink was also very sweet when I told her about the whole spinapalooza saga and said that I should have let her know so she could have brought me food or something.

Hopefully it's not an offer that I ever have to take her up on in the future, but it was nice of her to say.

Other than that it was a pretty average hair cutting session... very relaxed, very cruisy, we chatted like we always do, although perhaps on some more serious topics than usual... but it was just a pleasant evening.

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