photo friday: pink, black and ma's birthday presents

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Two things I had reinforced to me this week... the first being to always check the calendar.

It's especially important to check the calendar when you send your boss down the street to try a Burger Theory burger and it turns out that they're not actually in that location on that day.

I'm not sure how long that will be grist for the mill, however I think the fact that he managed to have not one, but two Burger Theory burgers today at lunch may have made up for it a little bit.

The second thing is kind of related to the first in a way...

Sometimes it matters where you go to lunch. Because the Burger Theory truck wasn't where I hoped it would be, I had to find alternative lunch arrangement... which meant I ended up going to Bing Boy in Southern Cross.

And after lunch I poked around the newsagent... even though I'd already bought Ma a card, had a box for her presents and bought tissue paper and ribbon... well, I saw a card I liked better that matched the ribbon and tissue paper... and then I saw a box that went with the card... and then I saw a cute little keyring...

Which was good because I really didn't have that many things for Ma that she didn't already know about...

ma's birthday presents 2012 - before, during and after

I do enjoy wrapping everything up into little parcels that then go into one big parcel...

This year's little parcels are:

  • Super G Harajuku Lovers perfume
  • Kim David Smith tickets (and a bunch of other ticket stubs from past shows)
  • Glass marble
  • Sydney Opera House treble clef pencil
  • Lovelinks Seahorse charm
  • Kimmidoll keyring
  • Arrietty DVD
  • Lisa Vanin badges
  • Haighs Chocolate Coffee Pastilles
  • USB with SYTYCD Season 9 epsiodes
I also included the Google Map directions for Pearl's Diner (Burger Theory's new suburban diner) where we're hopefully going to go for lunch tomorrow, as well as a somewhat questionably drawn interpretation of a Balfours custard tart which I picked up for her at the supermarket tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very busy day...

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