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acdc lane - melbournestreet beasts - melbourne

Yesterday was a "too much" day... too much stuff going on, too much coffee, too much sugar...

It all started when I got up 45 minutes early and was heading out the door to work an hour early. Well, not actually to work... but catching the bus, in the dark and the rain, nevertheless.

And there's surprisingly few people in the city around 7am compared with 8am!

The reason for my early morning was the toy sale at Target... and more specifically the fact that they had the Lego R2D2 in stock for 20% off... so that kind of made up my mind about getting it.

I did have a minor panic when I first got there because I could see any... but quickly realised that the boxes were on the floor behind me. Woohoo! It's a bloody big box though... and heavy, what with it being 2100+ pieces. But it's going away for Christmas, which is good because it means that I now have six months to work out where the fuck it's going to sit once I put it together.

After all that, I still got into work at 7:30... a whole half hour earlier than usual.

mono lines - sydneyoutpost dance - sydney

Then we had a morning tea for someone on the floor who was having a birthday, so there was much sugar consumed there. But after that somebody bought me a coffee. Now I'd already had my usual Thursday Strong Iced Coffee, but I had the coffee anyway.

That was possibly a mistake because I went a little loopy in the afternoon.

On the plus side though, the girl who's birthday it was wanted someone to go down to Burger Theory with her because she hadn't been before, and I was undecided about whether I wanted BT given that I'd eaten so much morning tea and I was planning on going to get one today. But I went with her because it was her birthday... and it turned out to be a good thing because they cancelled Victoria Square today due to the weather.

But yeah... coffee, sugar, afternoon, cray-cray...

So much so that I left work a few minutes early because I was completely over it all.

Then I came home, faffed about a bit and then went back into the city for the opening of the Winter themed exhibition at Espionage Gallery. For the first time the doors weren't already open when I got there, so I had to wait outside with a collection of the weird and freaky.

ampersand - adelaideokay - adelaide

I'm still mostly saving myself for the Gary Seaman exhibition next week, but I did buy a couple of small pieces, one which was actually by Gary.

And, as usual, I did the "Look at art, judge art on the basis of whether I want to buy it, buy art, leave" thing that I do at gallery openings and then went to the supermarket to pick up something for dinner.

So I was a bit of a busy bee yesterday.

Today not so much... although I did order three of the new Kidrobot Dunny Series 2012 from Villain in Melbourne... and this is probably the first time that there hasn't been any in the series that I don't really want.

But that really means that I need to get my ass into gear about buying new bookcases, maybe streamlining some of my books and DVDs and finding new places for all my art and vinyl toys. It may also mean doing something I generally don't like doing... pushing my books back so that they line up along the back of the bookshelf and give me room in front, rather than lining up with the front of the shelves.

For now though all I need to decide is which of the two things I bought for dinner I actually want to make... it'll be chicken, I'm just not sure what I'm doing with it yet.

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