cabaret: kim david smith - misfit

adelaide cabaret festival - kim david smith - misfit
I'm a little bit in lust with Kim David Smith's on stage persona.

At the same time, I'm a little bit afraid of it.

That really sums up the contradiction that embodies Smith's show, Misfit.

Whether it's because I knew what to expect this time around or not, I found Misfit a little bit naughtier than the previous show, Morphium, from a couple of years ago.

And possibly funnier this time around too... I don't remember laughing quite as much or quite as often last time, but the humour also has that wonderful dark edge to it that I love.

And he's still like a big cat up on stage... pacing around, sensuously, sinuously and much like the big cats you might see in the zoo, just begging to be petted. Although there's that off-kilter edge to his feline nature that, much like the caged leopard, petting him could be your undoing.

But all the tight shirts and tight black pants and microphone cord twirling and breathy seductive banter wouldn't be worth anything if Smith couldn't sing.

Thankfully he's essentially like one of the sirens from Greek mythology, luring the audience in with his smoky, seductive voice... urging them ever closer, ever neared to their undoing in his hands. And like a siren he's impossible to look away from once he's on stage.

More than anything it's his arrangements and interpretations of songs that I love... Kylie in German (I can't remember the song for the life of me)... a dirty, dirty, dirty version of Olivia's Physical... a heartfelt version of Bang Bang that owed more to Cher's original song than the Nancy Sinatra version.

Any man who can sing in English, French and German... and make all of them sexy... is doing a lot of things right.

I also need to mention his amazing pianist, Amanda Hodder, who is consistently brilliant.

Even though this is only the second show we've seen in this year's Cabaret Festival, I can already tell it's going to emerge as my favourite... because everyone else will have to work very, very hard to top the very talented, very beautiful, slightly deranged wonder that is Kim David Smith.

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